iOTA is an audiovisual performance that integrates the visuals and motion of Ouchhh with a soundtrack generated by a musical AI called MASOM. MASOM stands for a Musical agent based on a Self-Organized Map. The agent uses machine learning and is trained using the music of Turkish composer and Audiofil director, Mehmet Ünal. The agent receives events from the visual mapping program so as to maintain synchronization.

Ouchhh created IOTA AI Performance collaborated with Canadian Data AI Scientists Assoc. Prof. Philippe Pasquier, Kıvanç Tatar (Engineer Artist) and MASOM. For this piece, MASOM is trained on the compositions of Mehmet Ünal AudioFil.

Can machines totally replace humans, or is there a need for just the right combination of human and artificial intelligence—hybrid intelligence?


Arts Electronica, Deep Space 8k, September 2017, Linz, Austria


Ouchhh – Visual programming
Sound design and music: Mehmet Ünal from AudioFIL
Kivanç Tatar and Philippe Pasquier – AI design and programming

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