Mirjana Prpa


Affiliations: Simon Fraser University, SIAT
Position: PhD candidate
Interests: Virtual Reality, Micro-Phenomenology, User Experience
Email: mprpa@sfu.ca
Website: http://madzie.com/
Current projects: Respire
Past projects: Pulse Breath Water Solar State.Scape
CV: Mirjana_Prpa_Academic_CV_2018



Mirjana’s research investigates technology as experience, affective computing and interaction. In their work, technology is employed with the goal of bringing the focus back to the lived experience and body (usually through breathing), giving the users time and space to reflect while eliciting their affective states in virtual environments. The idea of embodiment and embodied interaction play a central role in their attempts to answer how can we build virtual environments to serve as a tool for personal transformation. The main principle in Mirjana’s work is concerned with the idea that technology should support rather than oppress, and that the transformative value of the interaction is not in the piece of technology, but in the users who interact with it.


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