Relinquary (Photo: Foxtel) Relinquary (Photo: Foxtel) Relinquary (Photo: Guido Beekman) Relinquary (Photo: Guido Beekman) Relinquary (Photo: Guido Beekman) Stanza (Photo: Eelin Cheah)


About Company MIJI

Company Miji brings together internationally experienced artists who lead in their respective fields. The Company was founded by Soo Yeun You (choreographer/dancer), Hamish Fletcher (designer/puppeteer) and Philippe Pasquier (sonic artist and sound designer) in 2007.

The Company seeks to redefine Australia's diverse movement practices and investigate ways Korean cultural heritage can influence these forms. Soo Yeun's choreographic philosophy is a sense or perception of a deep self-understanding. This is reflected in her ongoing reflections on dance and perceptions of new influences within her contemporary practice. Hamish is a designer and puppetry director and Phillippe's artistic practice is dominated by sonic arts. Philippe is currently an assistant professor at the school of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT), Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada).

Company Miji refers to an Asian philosophical idea of belief or hope in the future. MIJI conducts an enquiry into the relationship between art, science and technology to create and explore new forms of Australian contemporary dance culture.