Relinquary (Photo: Foxtel) Relinquary (Photo: Foxtel) Relinquary (Photo: Guido Beekman) Relinquary (Photo: Guido Beekman) Relinquary (Photo: Guido Beekman) Stanza (Photo: Eelin Cheah)



Reliquary draws upon the connections between Australian Indigenous and Korean spirituality to create a unique contemporary dance theatre piece using puppetry, media projection and aesthetic sound design.

Reliquary means a shrine in which sacred relics that have survived destruction are kept.

Reliquary brings together two unique choreographic talents in Korean-Indigenous Australian dance, Soo Yeun You and Gina Rings, a Kakutha woman and former member of Bangarra Dance Company. Research into the project took the choreographers to central Australia where they worked with local Indigenous people to record Indigenous songs, languages and landscape sounds.

Collaborating with accomplished designer and puppeteer Hamish Fletcher, and innovative Sonic Artist and Sound Designer Philippe Pasquier, Company Miji has infused the work with heightened visual and aural elements through in an unusual mixing of media projection, puppetry and sound art.

Reliquary borrows from Indigenous and Asian dance to develop a contemporary dance piece rich in spirituality and tradition. The project embodies cultural and racial exchange, understanding, and the hope of finding heritage and identity in an increasingly homogenised world.


Reliquary has had three development periods and been shown at Ausdance SA in February 2007, Dance House in April, 2007, fortyfivedownstairs in Melbourne in July 2007, and Northcote Town Hall in Melbourne in July 2008.

The development of this project over three years has been supported by the Australia Council, Arts Victoria, City of Melbourne, the Besen Family Foundation, Federation Square (Puppet Lab), the Korean Community, Dance house and Arts SA.

In 2009 Reliquary was presented at the International Indigenous Dreaming Festival and was the subject of a documentary film made by Foxtel in Queensland in June 2009.



Reliquary Clip (01:37)
A clip from the Reliquary show.


About Reliquary (02:58)
A clip from a documentary about the show.


"Reliquary is a work full of ideas, some moments of profound beauty and pathos, and some exquisite synthesising between the various art forms. ... The dancing is excellent, the puppetry and sound score adding quality and depth to the performance." The Age, 2007

"...Soo Yeun You's movements and the perfect positioning and movement of her body made for a hypnotic and compelling performance." The Age, 2008

"Reliquary is an exciting project which shows an innovative approach to cross-cultural and cross platform work." Jacinta Thompson, Adelaide Festival Centre