Relinquary (Photo: Foxtel) Relinquary (Photo: Foxtel) Relinquary (Photo: Guido Beekman) Relinquary (Photo: Guido Beekman) Relinquary (Photo: Guido Beekman) Stanza (Photo: Eelin Cheah)



"Culture is in me as basic as thought, shifting and changing with my life journey. In this work, five lines of cultural movement language bring their own beauty and rhythmic grace, a poetic impression in time and space."

In this project there are two broad frameworks to my exploration within movement based practice. One which conceptualizes the inner state of being in terms of energy flow and external forms, reflects a more traditional Eastern philosophical attitude, drawing on Western and postmodernist developments. The exploration, dynamic interplay and possible integration of these are the basis of this project.

The multicultural composition of the cast in Stanza brought many cultural stories, attitudes and dance traditions into contact.



Stanza Clip A (03:07)
Performed by
Kylie Jane Wilson.


Stanza Clip B (03:30)
Performed by
Soo Yeun You.


Stanza Clip C (03:13)
Performed by
Janette Hoe.


Stanza Clip D (00:00)
Performed by Yi Zhang.


Stanza Clip E (00:00)
Performed by Andrea Patrian-Hildebrandt & Kylie Jane Wilson.



  • Choreography
  • Soo Yeun You
  • Dancers
  • Kylie Jane Wilson
  • Janette Hoe
  • Yi Zhang
  • Andrea Patriau-Hildebrandt
  • Soo Yeun You
  • Composer
  • Gus Macmillan
  • Installation
  • Naomi Ota
  • Lighting Design
  • Bluebottle

Shown: Wed 30 Sep, Thurs 1 Oct, Fri 2 Oct at 7:30pm
Venue: Studio B221 (Dance), Faculty of the VCA and Music, 234 St Kilda Rd, Southbank