Experiment results



This webpage gives the best approximation found by the CGP algorithm and also gives some statistics about the evolution.

Table of Contents

1. Best approximation
2. Evolution

Chapter 1. Best approximation


Best approximation. 

Pd patch. 

Right click on the link and "save link as..." to download the Pd patch (best.pd file).
IMPORTANT: In order to open the Pd patch, you need to first have the Pd library installed!

Download the Pd patch

Download the Pd library


The following table gives the number of generations evolved and the best fitness score obtained.

Nb. gen. 5000
Best fitness 0.1594



Chapter 2. Evolution

The fitness function is the euclidian distance for the MFCC between the target and the candidate sound.

The following graphs show the evolution of the best fitness score through the generations.