Real-time Interactive Percussion for Rhythmic Exploration.

Traditional drum machines and digital drum-kits offer users the ability to practice or perform with a supporting ensemble – such as a bass, guitar and piano – but rarely offer support in the form of an accompanying percussion part. Beatback is a system which develops upon this missing interaction through offering a MIDI enabled drum system which learns and plays in the user’s style. In the contexts of rhythmic practise and exploration, Beatback looks at call-response and accompaniment models of interaction to enable new possibilities for rhythmic creativity.

Members: Andrew Hawryshkewich, Philippe Pasquier, Arne Eigenfeldt.


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Presentation: SIAT_Open_House_Poster

Papers & Posters:

  • Hawryshkewich, A., Pasquier, P. & Eigenfeldt, A. (2010). “Beatback: A Real-time Interactive Percussion System for Self Directed Practise” New Interfaces of Musical Expression (NIME), Sydney, Australia. Beatback_NIME_(2010)