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VCMM is a gathering of the academics and practitioners involved in computer music research (at large), including digital signal processing, music information retrieval, new interfaces for musical expression and all the related fields of inquiry. At meetings, two researchers present their work and afterwards there is a short discussion period.

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upcoming meetings

Friday, January 17 (2014) – Pro Musica Festival Experts Panel

Friday night features presentations by invited guests Keith Hamel and Martin Gotfrit, and hosted by Philippe Pasquier, who will speak about their recent research in music and technology. This night is presented in conjunction with Pro Musica's Further Series Electroacoustic Festival 2014. Running from January 16-18, 2014 at the Western Front (303 E 8th Ave), it will feature several B.C. artists and explore various ways technology can be applied to music.

Where: Western Front (303 E 8th Ave, Vancouver)
When: Friday, January 17 (2014), from 7:30pm onwards

Philippe Pasquier (SFU)

Philippe Pasquier will host the evening and briefly present on Current trends and issues in Musical Metacreation and Music Information Retrieval.

Feel free to browse Philippe's research.

Keith Hamel (UBC)

Interactive Computer Music refers to musical compositions in which a live performer is interacting with computers which respond to aspects of their performance. In some cases the computer processes the sound of the live instrument and in others it complements or supports their performance with additional audio or video material. Dr. Keith Hamel has been working in the area of interactive computer music for more than twenty years. During that time, he has developed a variety of software tools that facilitate the design, creation, rehearsal and performance of these interactive works. For each composition, Hamel tries to create an environment in which the live performer and the computers react and respond to one another as if they are performing chamber music. Dr. Hamel will give an overview of some of the software systems he has developed and show some of the research initiatives (such as automated score-following) that he is currently working on.

Feel free to browse Keith's research.

Martin Gotfrit (SFU)

Martin Gotfrit has been composing and performing electroacoustic music since 1970 when he cofounded the ensemble “Metamusic”. Beginning with analogue synthesis and classic tape studio techniques, through to his current work in Max/MSP and Live, he will speaking about the ideas that underpin his work and how various technologies have transformed them. The talk will be illustrated by examples of his fixed media works and performances as well as his recent collaborations in art installations, dance and theatre.

Feel free to browse Martin's research.

past meetings

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