Metacreation Wrapped: 2021

Introducing our Metacreation Wrapped! We have put together our top projects and tags for the year 2021.

Top Projects

1. Multi-Track Music Machine

Multi-Track Music Machine (MMM) is a generative music creation system based on Transformer architecture, developed by Jeff Ens and Philippe Pasquier.

You can try out MMM for yourself here.

2. Audio Metaphor

Audio Metaphor (AuMe) is a research project aimed at designing new methodologies and tools for sound design and composition practices in film, games, and sound art.

You can try out AuMe for yourself here.

3. MetaMidi

MetaMIDI Dataset (MMD), a large-scale collection of 436,631 MIDI files and metadata. MMD contains artist and title metadata for 221,504 MIDI files, and genre metadata for 143,868 MIDI files, collected through a web-scraping process.

4. AutoLume

AutoLume is an interactive music visualizer using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). 

5. GrooveNet

GrooveNet is a collaborative project between Omid Alemi, Jules Françoise, and Philippe Pasquier. The goal is to teach a neural network to generate beat-synchronous dance movements for a given song and match movement patterns with the corresponding musical patterns. 

Top Tags

1. Musical Metacreation

Musical Metacreation encompasses all our musical projects.

2. Deep Learning

Deep Learning is how Artificial Intelligence machines gain knowledge the way humans do. Some of the projects that use this type of learning are the Multi-Track Music Machine, Liminal Scape and Walknet.

3. Experiments

Experiments include projects such as Liminal Tones, GrooveNet and Emo-Soundscapes.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is what our lab works with, so there is no doubt that it is in our top 5 tags.

5. Movement Computing

Movement Computing includes projects like MAVi and MoComp.