Apollo: An Interactive Environment for Generating Symbolic Musical Phrases using Corpus-based Style Imitation

Apollo is an interactive environment using corpus-based style imitation for symbolic music generation.
The user can generate symbolic music using their own metacreative algorithms and music corpora via a practical easy-to-use graphical user interface.
The system can interface with your favorite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as Ableton Live via MIDI streaming.

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User scenarios

  • Generate style-imitation music to assist with your composition work
  • Find new creatively generated ideas for your next music project
  • Experience an alternative workflow to traditional music production
  • Explore AI possibilities in digital music composition


  • – MIDI corpora management: Enable constructing, saving corpus and selecting corpus
  • – Music Generation of Musical Phrases: control model parameters for training and generation
  • – Model Training: python AI model algorithms are packaged
  • – MIDI playback (soundfonts) and streaming (e.g. to Ableton)
  • – MIDI viewer/mixer and MIDI editor (incl. note editing)
  • – Exporting features (download/upload)
  • – Available online (Node.js server) or as a desktop app (Mac only)
  • – VST (coming soon)
  • – Install your own python AI algorithms
  • Ranking generated corpus against originals.
  • Curated music corpora
  • Avalaible models: 5 symbolic models supported including Music Transformers.
  • Unique creative workflow (e.g. n-bar selections)

Research Papers