Autolume Acedia

Autolume Acedia is a hallucinatory meditation on the ancient emotion called acedia. Acedia describes a mixture of contemplative apathy, nervous nostalgia, and paralyzed angst. This emotion first described by Greek monks two millennia ago captures the paradoxical state of being simultaneously bored and anxious. Inspired and controlled by the music of Monobor, lost into winter soundscapes, the Autolume video generation system dreams about bodies, organs, and bones. Autolume is literally listening to the music to produce abstract imagery that seems to be dancing. A product of the latest Creative AI and Deep Learning algorithms from the Metacreation Lab, the piece is also a reflection on the analog and the digital, and how they can meet so as to portray this emotion that has resurged during the current pandemic.

Public Response


Artistic credit: Jonas Kraasch and Philippe Pasquier

Video Generation programming: Jonas Kraasch

Music Composition: Philippe Pasquier

For the audio to video mapping please refer to

Datasets and dependencies: