Autolume Mzton

Autolume Mzton is a meditation on the theme of dystopia. The piece is figuring generative analogical music and generative AI-driven video. This automated creation process is the paroxysm of media art: when the medium is literally autonomous, and the human creator is made remote and removed from the content produced by algorithmic means. In fact, the dynamic of the network production is also reminiscent of cell cultures, and biological growth, adding a layer to this sensation of dystopic, a-human, or post-human autonomy. Yet, musical gestures, patching, training data, and codding are all expressions of human creativity, and the generative visuals are surprisingly referring to horizons and sunsets, new beginnings, and the antonymic notion of utopia!

Showcased at Dystopie sound art festival in 2021:



Artistic credit: Jonas Kraasch and Philippe Pasquier

Video Generation programming: Jonas Kraasch

Music Composition: Philippe Pasquier

Image Credit – Gorsel Cozum

For the audio to video mapping please refer to