Automatic Calibration of Modified FM Synthesis

Automatic Calibration of Modified FM Synthesis to Harmonic Sounds using Genetic Algorithms

We propose a system that automatically calibrates Modified FM synthesizers. Reproducing the sounds of musical instruments has been successfully achieved by many audio synthesis techniques. However, this task can be difficult and time-consuming especially when there is not intuitive correspondence between a parameter value and the change in the produced sound. Searching the parameter space for a given synthesis technique is, therefore, a task more naturally suited to an automatic optimization scheme. Using a genetic algorithm and a fitness function based on harmonics analysis, our system is able to automatize the calibration of a ModFM synthesis model for the reconstruction of harmonic instrument tones.


Matthieu Macret, Kıvanç TatarPhilippe Pasquier.

Research paper

Macret, M., Pasquier, P. & Smyth, T. (2012). “Automatic calibration of modified fm synthesis to harmonic sounds using genetic algorithms” Proceedings of the 9th Sound and Music Computing Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark. 8 pages.

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