Calliope: A Co-Creative Interface for Multi-Track Music Generation

Calliope is an interactive environment using MMM for symbolic music generation in computer-assisted composition. Calliope is an evolution born out of the now archived Apollo project.
The user can generate or re-generate symbolic music using a seed MIDI file via a practical easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI). The system can interface with your favorite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as Ableton Live via MIDI streaming.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): This is a beta-testing project. By accessing and using the Calliope software and its documentation, you agree to not distribute or communicate about it to anyone but those directly involved with this project.


Calliope v0.9.5 – May 1st 2022

Apollo v0.9.4a1 (Calliope) – Jan 11th 2022

Apollo v0.5.0 pre-alpha – Sep 17th 2021

Apollo v0.1 – Jun 17th 2019


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Computer-Assisted Composition (Intro)

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Calliope is used to generate midi content typically to add content to existing midi files and resampling part or of a midi files. It is aimed at both amateurs and pros composers. Generate style-imitation music to assist with your composition work. Find new creatively generated ideas for your next music project. Experience an alternative workflow to traditional music production. Explore AI possibilities in digital music composition


  • – Managing collection of MIDI files
  • – MIDI viewer with bar selection for generation
  • – MIDI playback (soundfonts) and streaming (e.g. to Ableton)
  • – Multi-track music generation with global and track-specific control parameters
  • – Batch generation of 100+ new MIDI generations at once
  • – Unique creative workflow (e.g. combine bar selections with batch generation)
  • Ranking generated MIDI files against an original collection.
  • – Exporting and streaming MIDI files
  • – Available online 24/7 with multi-user bandwidth and user authentication support (Node.js server)

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