Typological Analysis of Gesture Interaction

One of the important aesthetic-compositional features of acousmatic music is the complex gestural interaction between various sound units. We have undertaken a typological analysis of gesture interaction in canonical works of acousmatic music in order to advance understanding of the contributing factors to the creation of “successful” gesture interaction within the genre. Utilizing a perceptual, listener-based, analysis methodology, we have found three levels of typological databases: the micro, meso and macro levels. While results of our analysis may be useful in compositional, pedagogical and musicological endeavours, we envision their use as within generative and interactive computational systems.

Presentation: Typological Analysis of Gesture Interaction Presentation


Adam Basanta, Arne Eigenfeldt.

Research paper

Basanta, A. & Eigenfeldt, A. (2010). “Perceptual Analysis of Gesture Interaction in Acousmatic Music” Electroacoustic Music Studies Conference (EMS), Shanghai.

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