We propose a dataset of audio samples called Emo-Soundscapes and two evaluation protocols for machine learning models. We curated 600 soundscape recordings in Freesound.org and mixed 613 audio clips from a combination of these. The Emo- Soundscapes dataset contains 1213 6-second Creative Commons licensed audio clips. We collected the ground truth annotations of perceived emotion in 1213 soundscape recordings using a crowdsourcing listening experiment, where 1182 annotators from 74 different countries rank the audio clips according to the perceived valence/arousal. This dataset allows studying soundscape emotion recognition and how the mixing of various soundscape recordings influences their perceived emotion.



Research Paper

J. Fan, M. Thorogood, and P. Pasquier, “Emo-Soundscapes- A Dataset for Soundscape Emotion Recognition,” Proceedings of the International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction, 2017.

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