Euterpe is an affective music generation system for use with and in video games.  Multimedia such as film is linear, which means that the actions and events of the media occur with the same actions, events, and timings each time the recording is experienced. Video games are interactive, and the actions, events, and timings are influenced by the player’s actions, and the players actions are in turn influenced by the game. Music is also linear, and linear media often uses music to enhance the emotional power of scenes.  This is obviously difficult to achieve in video games due to their interactive nature – the linear music may not synchronize with the interactive game. Euterpe uses artificial intelligence style imitation techniques to generate music for video games based on player affect models. Euterpe aims to empower video game composers by automatically creating new interactive music that is based on the music that the composer creates – enabling the composer to focus their attention on composing music, rather than attempting to fit the round peg of linear media with the square hole of interactive games.

Research Papers

Plut, C., & Pasquier, P. Music Matters: An empirical study on the effects of adaptive music on experienced and perceived player affect. 1st IEEE Conference on Games, 2020.

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