A Custom Paper-based MIDI Interface

Using computer vision and collision detection techniques Freepad further explores the development of mixed-reality interfaces for music. The result is an accessible user-definable MIDI interface for anyone with a webcam, pen and paper, which outputs MIDI notes with a velocity value based on the speed of the strike.

See the slide presentation in Freepad Presentation.

NIME_Demo_01 NIME_Demo_02 NIME_Demo_03 Step_1 Step_2 Step_3a Step_3b


Sungkuk Chun, Matthieu Macret, Andrew Hawryshkewich, Keechul Jung, Philippe Pasquier.

Research paper

Chun, S., Hawryshkewich, A., Jung, K. & Pasquier, P. (2010). “Freepad: A Custom Paper-Based MIDI Interface” New Interfaces of Musical Expression (NIME), Sydney, Australia.¬†

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