Impress is an automatic soundscape affect recognition systen aimed toward helping sound designers to find more streamlined workflow to add suitable sound effects for films, asisting soundscape composers to create emotional soundscape compositions to evoke a target mood, and enabling engineers to design mood enabled recommendation systems for retrieval of soundscape recordings. We will continue to contribute to the audio affect recognition field and implement of the new tools for sound designers and artists.


Jianyu FanMiles Thorogood, Philippe Pasquier,

Papers & Posters

Jianyu Fan*, Miles Thorogood*, Bernhard Riecke, Philippe Pasquier. Automatic Recognition of Eventfulness and Pleasantness of Soundscape. Journal of the Audio Engineering Society – Special Issue on Intelligent Audio Processing, Oct 2016. 9 pages. (accepted).

Fan, J, Thorogood, M, and Pasquier, P. (2015). “Automatic Recognition of Eventfulness and Pleasantness of Soundscape” 10 th Audio Mostly. Thessaloniki, Greece,

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Thorogood, M., Pasquier, P. (2013). “Impress: A Machine Learning Approach to Soundscape Affect Classification for a Music Performance Environment” Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME). Daejeon + Seoul, Korea Republic .