Katie Sly

kaitlin sly
Kaitie Sly is currently a Ph.D. student at School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Simon Fraser University. She is interested in the area of acoustic ecology and in the study, documentation, and designing of sonic spaces with the goal of harmonizing the relationship between humans and their acoustic environments. In particular, she focuses on infrasonic (below 20 Hz) and ultrasonic (above 20kHz) sounds and the effects these frequencies have on human health and wellbeing. As a musician and artist, Kaitlin is interested in disseminating her research creatively, with the intent of communicating in a meaningful way the significance of these frequencies in our everyday lives, by allowing people to experience and hear the kind of inaudible noise that is created from human sources all around them.
ksly@sfu.ca | www.kaitieslymusic.com

Affiliations: Simon Fraser UniversityUniversity of Victoria
Position: PhD Candidate
Press: Acoustic ecologist Kaitie Sly explores unheard world of ambient sound

kaitlin sly