Longing + Forgetting

Artificial Intelligence is omnipresent. From video games to online love, from driving cars, flying planes, online trading to state-of-the-art military strategy – the notion of ‘artificial agent’ is now the prevalent paradigm to embodying machines in virtual bodies. From the actions of multiple simple agents can emerge complex movement and assemblages.

Longing + Forgetting presents the idea of generative choreographies amongst multiple video agents, or ‘digital performers’. Using a simple movement ‘alphabet’ that borrows from Laban concepts such as effort, weight, and space, the 12 physical performers were filmed traversing a climbing wall. This resulted in thousands of video clips which were then analysed and tagged according to basic movement properties. As such each video agent comprised of many fragments of movement, which can be stitched together with rules that govern their goals and actions.

In this iteration of Longing + Forgetting each of the agents are either attracted or repulsed by ‘data-windows’ that display real time or trending data feeds. The video agents trace precarious paths through the micro-narratives of our data-saturated world. Unforeseen encounters create momentary connections and disruptions, embracing the temporary, forgettable, nature of data.


 Philippe Pasquier, Thecla Schiphorst, Matt Gingold