Multi-Track Music Machine (MMM)

We propose the Multi-Track Music Machine (MMM), a generative system based on the Transformer
architecture that is designed to support co-creative music composition workflows. MMM supports
the infilling of musical material on the track and bar level, and can condition generation on particular
attributes including: instrument type, note density, polyphony level, and note duration. In order to
integrate these features, we employ a different type of representation for musical material, creating a
time-ordered sequence of musical events for each track and concatenating several tracks into a single
sequence, rather than using a single time-ordered sequence where the musical events corresponding
to different tracks are interleaved. In what follows, we outline the real world applications of
MMM , including the production of musical albums, and collaborations with industry partners that
explore integrating MMM into real-world products.

Software Integrations of MMM

Ableton Live Plugin

Cubase Plugin

Calliope is an interactive environment using MMM for symbolic music generation in computer-assisted composition. More information is available here.

Music Produced Using MMM

Phil Tremble Album [produced using Ableton Live Plugin

Monobor [produced using Ableton Live Plugin

Ableton Live Templates [produced using Ableton Live Plugin]
Chris Anderson produced templates for Ableton Live using the Ableton Live Plugin version of MMM. Some examples can be found here.

Galactic Defense [produced using Calliope]
Cale Plut created an interactive score for the game ‘Galactic Defense’ using MMM in Calliope. The stems for the interactive score are available here. The game is available for download. An article has been published which explains the development of the generative score.

Cubase Plugin User-Study
Renaud Bougueng Tchemeube conducted a user study to evaluate an MMM plugin in Cubase. Examples of the music composed by participants can be found here.