MMM4Live: Multi-Track Music Machine for Ableton Live

MMM4Live is a Multi-Track MIDI Music Generation Machine for Ableton Live. The MMM4Live plugin is based on the MMM project, which is a generative music creation system based on Transformer architecture, developed by Jeff Enns and Philippe Pasquier. The system generates multi-track music by providing users with a fine degree of control of iterative resampling driven by machine learning.

Based on an auto-regressive model, the system is capable of generating music from scratch using a wide range of preset instruments. Inputs from one track can condition the generation of new tracks, resampling MIDI input from either the user or the system into further layers of musical compositions.

The MMM4Live plugin is currently undergoing closed beta testing with Ableton Live and Max users. If interested in joining the closed beta testing group, please contact the Metacreation Lab.


Ens, Jeff, and Philippe Pasquier. “MMM: Exploring Conditional Multi-Track Music Generation with the Transformer.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2008.06048 (2020).