Biometric Architecture

Naos is a research group dedicated to the investigation of automated biometric classification, and the exploration of biometric architecture. The project’s objective is to design an ergonomic brain-computer-architectural interface, compelling biometric visualizations and psychological test examples to explore the legitimacy of these types of systems at the nexus of the biological, computational and architectural.

Its first project is the Naos PlatformTM, a biometrics and psychological testing system. The Naos PlatfomTM includes a Biometrics Capsule, Biometric Tendency Recognition and Classification System (BTRCS)TM and the Naos Adherance IndexTM. The current system implementation utilizes a NeuroskyTMEEG brain-scanning headset, a Thought TechnologiesTM Galvanic Skin Response sensor, biometrics recording software, user profile and biometrics database, architectural capsule system and a psychological test example–the Naos Loyalty Test. This test classifies individuals based on their reactions to people of other races in order to determine their level of prejudice. It serves as a very basic example, one of many, that could be undertaken using the Naos PlatformTM.

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Carlos Castellanos, Philippe Pasquier.

Research paper

Castellanos, C., Pasquier, P., Thie, L., & Che, K. (2008). “Biometric tendency recognition and classification system: an artistic approach.” In Proceedings of the 3rd international conference on Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment and Arts (pp. 166-173). Athens, Greece.

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