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Evaluating Human-AI Interaction via Usability, User Experience and Acceptance Measures for MMM-C: A Creative AI System for Music Composition

Our paper was accepted for the 32nd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) taking place from 19th-25th August 2023...

Calliope User Guide (0.10.0)

Calliope is an application that allows you to create music by generating MIDI content for multiple MIDI tracks and instruments...

Multi-Track Music Machine (MMM)

We propose the Multi-Track Music Machine (MMM), a generative system based on the Transformerarchitecture that is designed to support co-creative...


MMM-synthrider is a musical entry to the ai song contest 2022 using calliope to interact with the mmm model

Calliope Releases

Calliope What’s New May 25, 2022 (0.9.5 Official beta1) Streamlined Calliope Interface Collapse the interface into one view: introduce session-based...

Rafael Arias Gonzalez

Research Assistant

Autolume: Automating Live Music Visualisation – Technical Report

Autolume is an interactive music visualizer using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). The program explores the latent space of a trained...

Autolume Mzton

Autolume Mzton is a meditation on the theme of dystopia. The piece is figuring generative analogical music and generative AI-driven video....

Autolume Acedia

Autolume Acedia is a hallucinatory meditation on the ancient emotion called acedia. Acedia describes a mixture of contemplative apathy, nervous...

PreGLAM-MMM: Using MMM in video games

Multi-Track Music Machine (MMM) is a generative music creation system based on Transformer architecture, developed by Jeff Enns and Philippe...

PreGLAM – The Predictive, Gameplay-based Layered Affect Model

Playing a video game is an emotional experience. In addition to the player of a game acting as its audience,...


GrooveNet is a collaborative project between Omid Alemi, Jules Françoise, and Philippe Pasquier. The goal is to teach a neural...

MetaMIDI Dataset

We anticipate that this collection of data will be of great use to music information retrieval (MIR) researchers addressing a...

Calliope User Guide (0.9.5)

Interface [1] Page Navigation for login/logout is located on the top left part of the window. Page Navigation Menu includes:...

MMM4Live: Multi-Track Music Machine for Ableton Live

MMM4Live is a Multi-Track MIDI Music Generation Machine for Ableton Live. The MMM4Live plugin is based on the MMM project,...

MMM4Live Documentation (v0.1)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

MMM4Live Documentation (v0.1b1)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Liminal Tones (A / Autumn Swarm, B/ Rain Dream)

Swarm Aesthetics in Sound Art Applications of swarm aesthetics in music composition are not new and have resulted in volumes...

Tara Jadidi

Member | MSc

Kristian Voveris

Research Assistant

Autolume: Automating Live Music Visualisation

Using Neural Networks for image generation allows artists to create new means to expressing the creativity. With Autolume we created...

Jonas Kraasch

Member | MSc

Spire Muse: A Virtual Musical Partner for Creative Brainstorming

Spire Muse is co-creative musical agent that engages in different kinds of interactive behaviors and stylistic responses. The software utilizes...

MMM : Multi-Track Music Machine

Multi-Track Music Machine (MMM) is a generative music creation system based on Transformer architecture, developed by Jeff Enns and Philippe...

Cale Plut

Member | PhD

kaitlin sly
Katie Sly

Alumni | PhD

Mirjana Prpa

Alumni | PhD

Ronald Boersen

Alumni | PhD

Kıvanç Tatar

Alumni | Post Doc

Jianyu Fan

Member | PhD

Renaud Bougueng

Member | Phd

Mahsoo Salimi

Member | Phd

Jeff Ens

Member | PhD

Arron Ferguson

Member | PhD

Guilherme Daguir

Alumni | Intern

Denis Lebel

Alumni | Undergraduate

Yves Candau

Alumni | Phd

Paul Paroczai

Alumni | MFA

Tristan Bayfield

Alumni | Undergraduate

Lee Cannon-Brown

Alumni | Assistant

Ramy Gorgis

Alumni | Undergraduate

William Li

Alumni | MSc

Yaying Zhang

Alumni | MSc

A Comparative Study of Western and Chinese Classical Music based on Soundscape Models

Use of soundscape emotional recognition models for comparative analyses of western and Chinese classical musical

Multi-label Sound Event Retrieval

Deep learning system to identify which sounds are occurring in a given soundscape

soundscape studies
Automatic Sound Design

According to the International Organization for Standardization, a soundscape is “an acoustic environment as perceived or experienced and/or understood by...

Quantifying the Quality of Generated Music

In many cases, generative models are trained on a curated collection of musical works, with the aim of teaching the...


Interactive installations exploring interaction in gibberish language

musical metacreation

Audio visual performances with human and artificial intelligence collaboration


Interactive breath driven installation in virtual reality

soundscape studies

Dataset of soundscape recordings with affective annotations


Dataset of experimental music with crowdsourcing effective annotation


Video features extraction and visualisation engine.


‘it’s not fun getting hit in the head’Depending upon the budget you can go for simple or more innovative cards...


The Metacreation Lab is engaged in research and artistic projects. These span a wide variety of topics, but all have to do...


Automatic music video generation

Longing + Forgetting

Generative video and projection mapping installation.


Musical Metacreation Workshop at ISEA 2015


Automatic emotional recognition in soundscape recordings

Algorave – ISEA 2015

Evening of curated live coding performances

Automatic Pure Data Patch Generation

Automatically synthesizes generation using Cartesian programing

MUME 2015 Tutorial@IJCAI

MUME Tutorial at IJCAI 2015 (Full day) Saturday 25th of July 2015, 8:45am-5:45pm. Description This full day tutorial aims at...

MUME Tutorial

We are delighted to announce a tutorial for participants of ISEA 2015 in Vancouver. This tutorial will take place on...


Musebots have moved! We are super excited to say that musebots have grown beyond the Metacreation Lab! The musebot site...

agent systems
Area Coverage

Multi-agent or multi-robot area coverage algorithm and evaluation.


Social Coherence in Multi-Agent Organizations.


Computer-assisted electronic music composition.

Automatic Calibration of Modified FM Synthesis

Automatic generation of FM synthesizer pressets based on target samples


Automatic generation of synthesizer pressets based on target samples

Adam Burnett

Alumni | Undergraduate

Matthieu Macret

Alumni | MSc

Chris Anderson

Alumni | MFA

Omid Alemi

Member | PhD

Alireza Davoodi

Alumni | MSc

Miles Thorogood

Alumni | PhD

Graeme McCaig

Alumni | PhD

Pat Subyen

Alumni | PhD


Cognitive model for corpuse-based symbolic music generation

Computer Music #2

Computer Music #2         Projects

James O’Callaghan

Alumni | Undergraduate

Nathan Sorenson

Alumni | MSc

Aaron Levisohn

Alumni | PhD

Adam Basanta

Alumni | Undergraduate

Arne Eigenfeldt

Alumni | Director

Ben Bogart

Alumni | PhD

James Maxwell

Alumni | PhD

Self-Organized Landscapes

“Self-Organized Landscapes” is a series of collages composed of thousands of closeup images that make up an urban landscape. The...


Held at Standford University on October 9, 2012 MUME2012 The First International Workshop on Musical Metacreation (MUME 2012) was held...


Held at the Sydney Design Lab  June 15th-16th, 2013. MUME2013 Weekend Musical Metacreation is a forum for the emerging community...


Held at Northeastern University – October 14-15, 2013 MUME2013 MUME brings together artists, practitioners and researchers interested in developing systems...


Held at Goldsmiths, University of London — Monday 30th of June. Show at Cafe Oto, June 29th 2014. MUME-NIME2014 In...


MUME2014 Held on North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, October 3-4, 2014 We are delighted to announce the 3rd...

Music Db

A Music Database Query System for Recombinance-based Composition in Max/MSP

Composition by Negotiation

Agents choose sounds from a large pre-analyzed database of soundscape recordings.

Deus Ex Machina I

The procedure to generate Gradual follows that of One of the Above, albeit with the software extended to work with pitch material (AE).