Seasons: a generative multimedia installation

Seasons is a meditation on our natural environment, inviting viewers to savor the passing of time over the course of a year. The work runs continuously using a variety of computational processes to build the audio-visual output for a single large-screen display and 4-channel sound system.

generative video

Generative artists strive to instantiate the dynamics of artistic practice within the structure of code and algorithm. The system for Seasons builds video sequencing and transitions based on procedural rules and video metatags. Simultaneously, the system composes and mixes music and soundscape tracks that incorporate both semantic and affective elements of the video into their own aesthetic rules.

The creative team behind Seasons have been working independently for many years within separate generative art domains. They have all developed individual generative works as a means to further their artistic goals. They have now come together to explore their shared ideas within an interdisciplinary context.

Seasons – Demo #1 from Jim Bizzocchi on Vimeo.