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Happy New Year From the Metacreation Lab! 

To say that 2021 was challenging would be an understatement. At the same time, it's worth recognizing the advances that continued to shape the world and the continued role AI has had in taking the world forward. From accelerating the design of vaccines to combat new variants, to optimizing processes of large-scale vaccine distribution, machine learning and artificial intelligence have been indispensible in responding to the continuously shifting challenges of COVID-19.

At the Metacreation Lab, we're excited to have been a part of so many new and long-running projects advancing the possibilities and applications of AI and machine learning over the last year. We're even more excited for what 2022 can bring, and would like to take this moment to wish you all a wonderful new year!

Max Planck Institute Seminar - The rise of Creative AI & its ethics
January 11, 2022 at 15:00 pm CET | 6:00 am PST | Online

Next Monday, Philippe Pasquier, director of the Metacreation Labn  will be providing a seminar titled The rise of Creative AI & its ethics next Tuesday at the Max Planck Institute's Centre for Humans and Machine. 

The Centre for Humans and Machines invites interested attendees to our public seminars, which feature scientists from our institute and experts from all over the world. Their seminars usually take 1 hour and provide an opportunity to meet the speaker afterwards.

The seminar is openly accessible to the public via Webex Access, and will be a great opportunity to connect with colleagues and friends of the Lab on European and East Coast time. For more information and the link, head to the Centre for Humans and Machines' Seminars page linked below         

Max Planck Institute - Upcoming Events
MetaMIDI Dataset presented at ISMIR 2021 

At the recent 22nd International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, Jeff Ens and Philippe Pasquier introduced the MetaMIDI Dataset (MMD), a large scale collection of 436,631 MIDI files and metadata. MMD contains artist and title metadata for 221,504 MIDI files, and genre metadata for 143,868 MIDI files, collected through a web-scraping process.

MIDI files in MMD were matched against a collection of 32,000,000 30- second audio clips retrieved from Spotify, resulting in over 10,796,557 audio-MIDI matches. In addition, we linked 600,142 Spotify tracks with 1,094,901 MusicBrainz recordings to produce a set of 168,032 MIDI files that are matched to the MusicBrainz database. The database also provides a set of 53,496 MIDI files using audio-MIDI matches where the derived metadata on Spotify is a fuzzy match to the web-scraped metadata.

The distribution of genres for matched MIDI files using two methods: audio and audio + text.

The database is now available for open source use via the We anticipate that this collection of data will be of great use to music information retrieval MIR researchers addressing a variety of research topics!

Learn more abot the MetaMIDI Dataset   
Audio Metaphor is now on Freesound Labs  

Audio Metaphor is an interactive search engine that transforms users' queries into soundscapes interpreting them.  Using state of the art algorithms for sound retrieval, segmentation, background and foreground classification, AuMe offers a way to explore the vast open source library of sounds available on the online community through natural language and its semantic, symbolic, and metaphorical expressions.          

We're excited to see Audio Metaphor included  among many other innovative projects on Freesound Labs, a directory of projects, hacks, apps, research and other initiatives that use content from Freesound or use the Freesound API. Take a minute to check out the variety of projects applying creative coding, machine learning, and many other techniques towards the exploration of sound and music creation, generative music, and soundscape composition in diverse forms an interfaces.            

Explore AuMe and other FreeSound Labs projects   


Timbral Explorer, an  exmaple of other Freesound Labs projects   
Monobor Music Release
Friday, October 29, 2021 | Online

While you’re here, why not listen to some music created by monobor, using a version of the Multitrack Music Machine (MMM)  These tracks were composed with the MMM algorithm being used in a collaboration with Teenage Engineering,  a game-changing manufacturer of creative synthesizers and tools for music synthesizer.

Stream the monobor tracks here!    
Follow the Metacreation Lab on Social Media 
Wednesday, November  25, 2021 | Online

As social media giants take a turn further towards the metaverse, the Metacreation Lab is taking the cue to join the networks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Connect with us on these platforms to follow our latest research, projects, and announcements! 

We would also like to take this opportunity to have Judy Kim, our new communications coordinator, introduce herself to you all. We hope that her work will open up new opportunities to connect with colleagues and like minds at the intersections art, technology, and science!      

Hi! I’m a Communications student with a minor in Sociology. I have a Digital Marketing diploma with social media management experience. I am passionate about community building, and I’m really excited to share all the amazing work that is done at the lab through social media! On my spare time you can find me hanging out with my cat, Kimchi.

Check out our accounts below and connect with us!   

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