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Longing + Forgetting at FRAME: A Biennial of Dance

March 1-12 | Melbourne, Australia

In less than a month, Longing + Forgetting will be presented at FRAME: A Biennial of Dance in Melbourne / Naarm. The installation will mark the 10th year of this collaboration between media artist Matt Gingold, Philippe Pasquier, a world leading expert in machine learning and director of the Metacreation Lab, and Thecla Schiphorst, a pioneer of digital choreography and co-creator of a pioneering motion animation software, Lifeforms

Originally presented as a multimedia urban screen projection installation, the piece is being redeveloped for an installation at Abbotsford Convent as part of the biennial taking place over the course of two weeks in Australia's cultural capital. 


Deep Dive: A framework for generative music in video games

The innovative work of Cale Plut and Philippe Pasquier on generative music in video games has recently been spotlighted in Game Developer magazine.

The piece delves into the use of computational creativity and generative techniques to enhance the work of human composers. Highlighting the challenges of designing music generation systems capable of responding to the mood and emotional content in games, the authors emphasize the need for multiple approaches for effective real-time composition.Game Developer Interview

Game Developer Interview

More insight into research & development of generative and affective music at the Metacreaion Lab has been recently published in the ACM Digital Library as part of the proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games (FDG). 

PreGLAM-MMM: Application and evaluation of affective adaptive generative music in video games 

For those interested in more details on the datasets and corpus used to train machine learning models on affect and its relation to sound, we recommend exploring this paper recently published as part of the ISMIR 2022 proceedings: The IsoVAT Corpus: Parameterization of Musical Features for Affective Composition

The IsoVAT Corpus: Parameterization of Musical Features for Affective Composition.


Calliope Version 0.10.0 Released

Calling all music makers! Calliope is an interactive environment using MMM for symbolic music generation in computer-assisted composition. Calliope is an evolution born out of the (now archived) Apollo project. The user can generate or re-generate symbolic music using a seed MIDI file via a practical easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI). The system can interface with your favorite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as Ableton Live via MIDI streaming.

Version 0.10.0 has now been released, with numerous improvements to the functionality and user interface. It is free to experiment with and you can import your own MIDI files, or browse the vast databases of files available. 

Try Calliope & Learn More Here

The research behind the Calliope project was also recently presented at the C&C Conference for Creativity and Cognition which took place in Venice, Italy this June. The paper is now available via the ACM Digital Library, for those interested in learning more about it the system.


Canada Media Fund 2023 Trends Report - The Rise of Co-Creative Interfaces

The Canada Media Fund has published its latest Key Trends report, "Inspirations for a Collaborative Future: Breaking Frontiers in Screen-Based Media". This report features new data, cutting-edge research, and interviews with a range of Canadian creators, offering insights into the future of the country's screen-based industries.

As a contributor, Philippe Pasquier shares his views on Generative AI and its impact on the rapidly changing landscape of creativity. The report delves into the shifting dynamics of creation, the value placed on human- and computer-generated media, and the audience's evolving standards and expectations for real-time interaction, collaborative world-building, and authentic community engagement.

Read the CMF Key Trends Report on Generative AI



2023 Opportunities: Calls for Proposals and Papers 

The new year is packed with opportunities to showcase new work and research connected with creative AI. We've compiled a short list of exciting calls for papers and artwork below. We would be delighted to see your contributions at these upcoming conferences and festivals, alongside our own presentations.


Philippe Pasquier on AI & Creativity at Ars Electronica 2022

Revisit the exciting Ars Electronica experience last year with Philippe Pasquier's talk on AI and Creativity. This insightful presentation was delivered at the Expanded Animation Symposium, jointly organised by the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and Ars Electronica.

Watch the AI & Creativity Discussion at Ars Electronica EA2022


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