Metacreation is the idea of endowing machines with creative behavior

As the contemporary approach to generative art, Metacreation involves using tools and techniques from artificial intelligence, artificial life, and machine learning to develop software that partially or completely automates creative tasks. Through the collaboration between scientists, experts in artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences, designers and artists, the Metacreation Lab for Creative AI is at the forefront of the development of generative systems, be they embedded in interactive experiences or integrated into current creative software. Scientific research in the Metacreation Lab explores how various creative tasks can be automated and enriched. These tasks include music omposition, sound design, video editing, audio/visual effect generation, 3D animation, choreography, and video game design.

Besides scientific research, the team designs interactive and generative artworks that build upon the algorithms and research developed in the Lab. This work often challenges the social and cultural discourse on AI,.

Areas of Research

The Metacreation Lab is engaged in research and artistic projects. These span a wide variety of topics, but all have to do with generative systems and computational creativity in some way.

Musical Metacreation

musical metacreation

Visual Arts

visual arts

Generative Video

generative video

Agent Systems

agent systems

Interactive Arts

interactive arts

Movement Computing

movement computing