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Endowing machines with creative behaviour

Metacreation Lab
for Creative AI

As the contemporary approach to generative art, Metacreation involves using tools and techniques from artificial intelligence, artificial life, and machine learning to develop software that partially or completely automates creative tasks.

Generative Systems

Through collaborations  between scientists, experts in artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences, designers, and artists, the Metacreation Lab for Creative AI is at the forefront of the development of generative systems, be they embedded in interactive experiences or integrated into current creative software.

Explore our research contributions

Virtual Reality

We explore the potential of generative and interactive systems in virtual environments.

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We design new empirical quantitative and qualitative methodologies to evaluate generative systems.

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Deep Learning

We neural network and machine learning model for generative tasks.

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Video Games

Generating dynamic experiences and sound on demand for players.

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Computer Assisted Creativity

Adding AI and generative features to augment creative software.

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Agent and MultiAgent systems

Distributed AI in muti-agent creative systems.

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Affective Computing

Perceive and generate emotional signals.

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Interactive Arts

We are using generative systems as part of our artistic practices.

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Movement Computing

Perceiving and generating movement data.

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Generative Visuals

Generative video, 2D and 3D animations & created with machine learning processes.

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Musical Metacreation

Musical and sonic works created collaboratively with machine learning and generative systems.

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